2024 Topps Series 1 Baseball Hobby Box

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🚀 Step into the Majestic World of Baseball: 2024 Topps Series 1 Hobby Box! 🚀

Gear up for the unofficial kickoff of the 2024 baseball season with the much-anticipated 2024 Topps Baseball Series 1 Hobby Box, set to hit shelves in February 2024. Embrace the thrill of collecting as you discover a treasure trove featuring current stars, past legends, and promising rookies across base cards, inserts, autographs, and relic cards!

2024 Topps Series 1 Hobby Box Highlights:

- 📦 20 Packs of Excitement: Unveil the magic within each of the 20 packs contained in every Hobby Box.
- 🖊️ Autograph or Relic Guaranteed: Each Hobby Box guarantees the excitement of unearthing 1 autograph or relic card!

Base Cards (350-Card Set):

- ⚾ Explore the comprehensive 350-card set encompassing MLB® stars, rookies, Future Stars, League Leaders, Team Cards, and more.

Dazzling Parallels:

- 🌈 Gold Foil Parallel: Exclusive to HTA Jumbo Boxes, printed on gold foil-board (1:2 packs).
- 🌟 Rainbow Foil Parallel: A rare find inserted 1:10 packs.
- 🔵 Blue Holofoil Board Parallel: Numbered to 999.
- 💜 Purple Holofoil Board Parallel: Numbered to 799.
- 🔥 Green, Orange, and Red Crackle Foil Board Parallels: Adding numbered exclusivity to your collection.
- 🎆 Vintage Stock Parallel: Limited to 99.
- 🇺🇸 Independence Day Parallel: Numbered to 76.
- ⚫ Black Parallel: A Hobby/HTA Jumbo Exclusive, numbered to 73.
- 🌸 Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Parallels: Limited to 50 each.
- 🎗️ Memorial Day Camo Parallel: An exclusive, numbered to 25.
- 🔍 Clear Variation: Hobby Only, numbered to 10.
- 🖨️ Printing Plates: A 1-of-1 masterpiece.

Innovative Inserts:

- 🔄 First Card Parallel: A new addition for heightened excitement.
- 📷 Superstar Blueprint: Explore the “blueprint” for player success.
- 🌟 Grand Gamers: Featuring the best of the best.
- 📅 2023 Greatest Hits: Relive the top offensive moments from 2023.
- 🎉 1989 Topps Baseball: Celebrate the 35th Anniversary with a nod to this iconic design.
- 👦 Celebration of "The Kid": A retrospective set dedicated to Ken Griffey Jr.
- 🌲 Heavy Lumber: Limited to 500 each, featuring the league’s best batsmen on wood-grained cards.
- 📱 Social Media Follow Back Redemption Cards: Score the chance for your favorite player to follow you back.
- 🏠 Homefield Advantage: Featuring the top players with iconic imagery from their home field.
- 🌟 Legendary Homefield Advantage: Showcasing MLB history legends on their home turf.
- ✏️ Sketch Cards: 1-of-1 hand-drawn art featuring MLB stars and legends (Hobby/HTA Jumbo Exclusive).

Exclusive Commemorative Relics:

- ⚾ Home Sweet Home Stadium Medallions: Paired with a manufactured relic of the player's home stadium, numbered to 299.

Signature Series:

- 🖊️ Topps Reverence Autograph Patch Cards: On-card autographs and game-used patch pieces, numbered to 10 (Hobby/HTA Jumbo Exclusive).
- 🏆 Major League Material Autograph Cards: Featuring autographs and numbered to 50 or less.
- 🏆 World Champion Autograph Relic Cards: Commemorating 2023 World Series Champions, with autographs and game-used material.

Continuity Program:

- 🎁 2024 Topps Baseball Series 1 Hobby Continuity Program: Exclusive silver packs featuring MLB® veterans, rookies, and retired greats on chrome technology. Numbered autographs and parallels included in select packs.

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