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 Unleash Your Baseball Fandom with Topps Baseball Series 2 - 2023 Edition!

Are you ready to continue your baseball card collection? Topps Baseball Series 2 for 2023 is here, and it's packed with excitement! Our packs feature cards that showcase baseball's brightest stars, emerging talents, and legendary figures of the game. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting your baseball card journey, there's something for everyone.

2023 Topps Series 2 Details:

New Base Cards:

Discover fresh additions to our base card collection, bringing you closer to your favorite players.

Themed Insert Sets:

Explore themed insert sets that add a unique touch to your collection.

Autographs and Relic Cards:

Unearth autographs and relic cards, adding rare gems to your collection.

Introducing Rookies:

Get ready to welcome the future stars of baseball! Our 2023 Series 2 includes rookie cards for promising players such as Jordan Walker, Anthony Volpe, Kodai Senga, James Outman, and many more.

Hobby Box Delights:

Each Hobby Box contains 24 packs and guarantees an autograph or relic card. Plus, every box includes a Silver Pack for that extra thrill.

Exclusive Parallels:

This set includes various parallels like Rainbow Foil, Gold, Green Rainbow Foil Board, and many more, offering collectors a chance to own unique and special cards.

Collect the Legends:

Explore the "Legends of the Game" series, showcasing the all-time greats in baseball history. These cards come in various parallel editions, making them even more valuable.

World Baseball Classic Tribute:

Celebrate the 2023 World Baseball Classic with a dedicated set featuring 60 players who participated. Look out for autograph parallels for select subjects.

Favorite Sons:

Discover the "Favorite Sons" collection, highlighting MLB stars and their journeys through their home states. These cards come in various parallel editions.

Significant Statistics:

Recognize the leaders in advanced statistics with this collection, available in different parallel editions.

All Aces Diecut Foilboard:

Celebrate the game's best pitchers with these unique diecut foilboard cards, available in multiple parallel editions.

1988 Topps All-Star Baseball:

Relive the glory of baseball stars from both the past and present with this 50-card set, featuring various parallel editions.

Heavy Lumber:

Step up to the plate with our "Heavy Lumber" series, showcasing the game's top batsmen on wood-grained cards. These cards are limited, adding extra value to your collection.

Sketch Cards:

Discover the world of hand-drawn art with Sketch Cards featuring MLB stars and legends. This is an exclusive offer for Hobby and HTA Jumbo collectors.

Oversized Topps Record Breakers Boxtoppers:

Inspired by the 1988 design, these oversized cards highlight MLB's notable record breakers across various categories and eras.

Hobby Exclusive Commemorative Relics:

Don't miss the Crowning Achievements Commemorative Patch Cards, showcasing players who led the league in major batting and pitching categories. These cards come in various parallel editions.

Autograph Relics:

Explore the Topps Reverence Autograph Patch Cards, featuring on-card autographs and game-used patch pieces of MLB greats, past and present. Some cards come in red and platinum parallels.

Autograph Cards:

From Baseball Stars Autographs to Baseball Stars Dual Autographs, discover a range of autograph cards featuring the stars of the game.

Relic Cards:

Major League Material Cards offer relic pieces from MLB players, available in various parallel editions.

In The Name Relics:

These one-of-a-kind relics feature jersey nameplate letters, adding a unique touch to your collection. This is a Hobby and HTA Jumbo exclusive.

Cut Signatures:

Explore the world of legendary names with one-of-a-kind Cut Signature cards.

2023 Topps Baseball Series 2 Hobby Continuity Program:

As a special treat, Hobby customers receive exclusive silver packs with their purchase of 2023 Topps Baseball Series 2.

Get ready to dive into a world of baseball card collecting like never before. Whether you're a rookie collector or a seasoned pro, Topps Baseball Series 2 - 2023 Edition has something extraordinary waiting for you. Don't miss out on the action, and start your collection today!

Each Hobby Box contains 24 packs and delivers 1 autograph or relic card per box. 

Key Rookies

  • Josh Jung
  • Anthony Volpe
  • Masataka Yoshida
  • James Outman
  • Corbin Carroll