Episode 24: NBA All Star Break

The NBA All Star Weekend is here and Trav & Josh look back on the Cleveland Cavilers trades and look at the standings at the halfway point. The Super Bowl is over but still some big news coming out of the NFL. Big Free Agent signings, Payton Manning going to MNF, and Larry Fitzgerald wins a golf tournament. Josh is all about the Curling events in the Winter Olympics, while Trav is still waiting for some more Snowboarding events.


Episode 22: NFL Championship Games

Trav and Josh recap both the AFC and NFC Championship games between the Jaguars and Patriots and the Vikings and Eagles. Anything different Jacksonville could have done to win verse New England? We have a couple callers on the If It’s Sports hotline to celebrate the Eagles big win over the Vikings. Josh reminds all Eagles’ fans including himself that it is time the Eagles win a SuperBowl. What is going to be the storylines for SuperBowl 52? Zion Williamson makes his announcement and heads to an already loaded Duke 2018 Class.  Bucks Fire Jason Kidd, everyone is fighting in the…

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